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No Code Website Builder JavaScript Website Programming (JS)

No Code Website Builder JavaScript Website Programming (JS)

JavaScript, commonly shortened to JS, is a programming an ECMAScript specification based language often used for frontend website design.

What is the No Code Websites platform?
The JavaScript website platform is a fundamentally new way of computing, based on the power of networks and the idea that the same software should run on many different kinds of computers, consumer gadgets, and other devices.
With JavaScript website platform technology, you can use the same application from any kind of machine — a PC, a Macintosh computer, a network computer, or even new technologies like mobile screen phones and tablets.

Build your own JavaScript website function libraries
To allow the developers to fully customize HPS to their needs, the built-in server-side scripting language “No Code Website JS” can be extended with JavaScript libraries, which can be called directly from within the Web pages. This open the way to implement data access functions to legacy systems, other databases or even to other platforms.

Extend and access the database with JavaScript
With the release of No Code Website JS we have delivered a highly scalable and portable JS engine fully fully designed for modern web browsers as well as web server backends.

No Code Website Builder JavaScript Website Programming (JS) provides a highly productive programming model, optimized performance and scalability, and is 100 percent compatible with firefox, chrome, edge, brave and opera web browsers running on windows, mac, or linux desktops and servers.