Web Application Firewall

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Web Application Firewall (WAP)

What is Web Application Firewall WAP technology?

WAP is the new secure gateway to a new world of mobile data. It provides a universal standard which enables users to easily access Web-based interactive information services and applications from the screens of their mobile phones.
These include both consumer and corporate solutions, like e-mail, corporate data, news, sports and information services, entertainment, TV/movies, travel, leisure, culture, medical care, electronic commerce transactions and banking services. This is only the beginning.

Collaborative WAP Firewall Rules
Web Application Firewall System is the first browser-based online editorial system to enable editors to edit their content on a Web browser and to publish their stories automatically to mobile users using WAP. The whole WML content is stored into a database and can be opened for editing at any time.

Who benefits from WAP
Web Site Operators can differentiate by launching a range of new, interesting services. A further differentiation is that the protocol makes it possible to tailor specific menus within the mobile phones, facilitating the use of the services.

For corporations across industries WAP offers a significant new business potential. It opens up avenues for whole new services and provides an additional channel for the existing ones.

With the industry adopting a common protocol, the end-user will be provided with more value-added services which are easy to use directly from a mobile phone. So, in the end, the real winners are the end-users, who will be provided with more value-added services which are easy to access and easy to use directly from their mobile phones.

Be ready for tomorrow, now. With the integration of WAF technology, Web Application Firewall shows the way for multi-output website and webapp publishing of tomorrow.