Privacy API

Privacy API

Privacy API technology represents the future of online data privacy solutions for modern API first applications, web apps, large enterprise which are required by law to secure their online and offline data. One new and award winning solutions is the privacy focused Application Programming Interface, or API, from the security team at

API’s offer an elegant way for two computers, servers, or applications to communicate without proximity based physical access. Any type of data can be shared via an API. With computer hackers and sophisticated virus malware being such a problem, organizations must adopt modern best practices to secure their IT systems. Poor data security practices can compromise user data, organization financial records, and other sensative files which can harm both end user customers as well as expose organizations to lawsuits. Many modern laws are being passed around the world including broad legal guidelines such as GDPR and HIPAA compliance.

Privacy API’s work by encrypting databases and data transmission on the fly and
are a critical component of modern IT teams and computer security compliance experts. There are many different types of Application Programming Interfaces and similar technologies including Partner APIs, Open APIs, REST APIs, JSON-RPC, XML-RPC, and SOAP protocols.

For additional resources on how to protect your companies APIs and create your own Private API’s consult the technical articles at both Mulesoft and ProgrammableWeb.