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Low Code Website CMS

The next generation of the leading Dynamic website design software optimized for easy web browser based Low Code Website CMS design experts.

This new version of Low Code Website CMS includes the leading Dynamic CSS and JS front end design templates. Our native web browser Font Tool for Macintosh & Windows has plenty of useful features, which help Web designers to create Font-enabled mobile responsive sites faster and easier. Read the Online Manual to learn more about Low Code Website CMS! Do not forget to visit the completed web design Gallery to see example sites built with our easy to use browser-based “No Code” & “Low Code” CMS and website builder toools!

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New features:

Direct creation of Dynamic websites without HTML file editors or complicated IDEs.

A listbox displays all available design templates with Icons showing if the design is freemium or premium. A second listbox is used for gathering the required design elements which should be published when the website is hosted on our cloud server.

The user selects fonts in the listboxes and moves them with the Move buttons — multiple selections are supported. If one or more fonts in the right listbox are selected, the user can click the Subset button to define which characters to burn — see the next topic for more information on this.

The domain name is used for binding the Dynamic website CMS templates file to the site it should be served from (required by our PrivacyAPI, this private focused technology protects webmasters rights and dissallows other Web sites from using your site copy or design.

When the user clicks the “Publish Website” button, a file selection box is opened to let the user choose a folder where to put the generated Dynamic website files or to give a name to the website template CMS files. If all design and site assets should be stored into one file: A checkbox on the dialog lets the user choose the export mode. When individual files are generated for each font, the common naming convention as in wordpress or other CMS website builder platforms is used.

Automatic handling of Onpage SEO tags.

The user can generate preferences for Web Design SEO strategy when you generate the site. The popup menu to the right displays all keywords, categories, and tags plus additional metadata import for an optimized website. Global is used to specify fonts which should be used to substitute any of the others. Changes to this entry should result in an alert — the user is about to modify all of his prior changes to the other domain mappings!

Design templates which should be used as alternatives are selected in the listbox to the left and moved by clicking the Move button. If the user chooses to insert the alternatives in HTML tags, the alternatives for each selected font are added to its name in the H1 or H2 tag.

New options for Dynamic CDN webhosting

A URL-prefix to the hosting CDN file can be entered to use in the CMS backend if the user chooses to let the tool insert HTML tags to the parsed document. The protocol part of the URL will be provided by the user: Absolute and relative URLs to the canonical files are possible this way.
The creation of SEO files by Low Code CMS document and website ediotr supports rapid rendering of all frontend web contents. Our hosting cloud handles all asset rendering so the characters which use the fonts and design files are mobile optimed for speed and security.